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1. Why do people choose LED lights?
 A: High efficiency and energy saving-- Driven by low voltage with low power consumption ,
approximate 98% conversion of lighting power, saving more than 60%-80% energy than traditional energy saving lights.   

2. Can I install the LED lights into the holder of halogen globes? Is the transformer universal?
 A: Yes, you can. The holder is universal and there is no need to change it when using LED lights. As for the transformer, please check the output voltage of it before changing lights. For example, if the output voltage of GU10 is AC240V while that of MR16 is AC/DC12V, you can directly change the lights without changing holders. But you have to change the power supply if the voltage of MR16 is 24V.

3. How to install LED lights?
  A: After confirmation of right voltage(GU10 240V、 MR16 12V) , take the original lights down and install LED lights into their corresponding holder.

4. Why is the actual wattage less than the marked one?
A: The power we usually refer to is a parameter just like Lumen, which is to form a comparison with the former bulbs we used. Such as, a 6W LED light can replace a 35-40W traditional halogen globe while for a 8W' s is 45-50W, for a 9W' s is 45-50W and for a 12W' s is 60-65W. The most important parameter is Lumen. Under same power and Lumen , the less the actual consumption power is , the better the quality of LED is. Because the actual consumption power decides the heat productivity of LED . And high heat productivity can Influence its lifetime. 

5. Can your LED lights be dimmed? If so , what kindof dimmer can be used?
 A: So far, our LED lights are basically compatible with all the common dimmers in the market, such as PWM dimmer and SCR dimmers. Both the rising edge and failing edge can be used. For MR16, a 0-10V dimmer can be used.